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No day is ordinary for me.

I sit by the night shore

of each day watching them

Intently. Memory waves rise

and crash on my mind crags.

What beauty they bring!

Shell, starfish, oyster moments

show me the path to futurity.

Now I’m in the middle of Wednesday

on my sail boat of poetry.

The rhythmic sun has risen,

all distance will melt in its warmth

while I slowly move towards the shore

where I’ll meet you all.

There will be a grand fair,

a gala show of words.

Oh my life is

E x t r a o r d i n a i r e !!

So is yours!


Posted for my Midweek Motif ~ Seeking The Extraordinary In The Ordinary @ Poets United



Dark Sun


We see the full eclipse

of this baby sun at dawn.

So many decades across

how do we know now

why she was alone,

lost, in the wilderness

of unknown city streets.

What we saw was

how the soft pink light

sank slowly into the dark!

I wonder

what vile moon cast its shadow on her.

Was she a diamond ring

or diamond beads in a string

when she came out

of the dark chamber

of long bars?



Posted for dVerse Poetics ~ Mugging for the Camera hosted by Lillian