Dark Sun


We see the full eclipse

of this baby sun at dawn.

So many decades across

how do we know now

why she was alone,

lost, in the wilderness

of unknown city streets.

What we saw was

how the soft pink light

sank slowly into the dark!

I wonder

what vile moon cast its shadow on her.

Was she a diamond ring

or diamond beads in a string

when she came out

of the dark chamber

of long bars?



Posted for dVerse Poetics ~ Mugging for the Camera hosted by Lillian


11 thoughts on “Dark Sun

  1. You’ve done such a beautiful job with this photo. Your poetic language just seems so vulnerable…as does she in this photo. This little feet dangling there….and the quizzical look on her face….the idea of the eclipse — so many years have gone by since this was taken…and “what vile moon cast its shadow on her” carries out the scene you’re depicting so very well. I did read that this little girl was found wandering the streets (in the real report)….so your idea of coming out of the bars is actually realistic. I wonder what happened to her? That’s the thing with all these photos….we wonder….

Thank You :)

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