Yoga / Union

“Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind”— Patanjali


I saw how my world one day

crumbled into dust;

my sky lost all its glitter;

I had no ground to stand on;

Time like boulders

rolled down on me in torrents.

I saw the mind crush and smash.

I looked in vain

for the shelter of kindness.

Caught up in the whirlwind of chaos

I lost all my breath.

While I was sinking in the dark numbness

I caught hold of a voice

that rose from within, whispering

‘Pause; Breathe’.

I gasped at first

then took a deep breath

that slowly took me to a landscape within.

It was my first yoga;

my union, with my inner world.

Here the wounded mind heals;

the worn out heart finds rest;

here the day is not sunless;

neither the night starless.


Posted for my Midweek Motif ~ Yoga @ Poets United


17 thoughts on “Yoga / Union

  1. So beautiful and moving, Sumana. When one’s world has crashed, truly it is the breath that allows us to get through, one breath, one moment, at a time. I especially love the beauty in your closing lines. I love this one so much! But then I love all your work.

  2. I have heard wonderful things about the practice of yoga, Sumana. Your poem definitely gives reason for the practice. I have done a bit of yoga, but I don’t think enough to gain spiritual benefits. Might be time to think about it again as a way to get in touch with my inner world. An inspiring and motivating poem!

  3. The sun and the stars seem to shine with greater intensity when we calm our minds and pay attention. I glad for those days that are not sunless, and those nights that are not starless.

  4. Such a healing, that pause, gasp, breath, again. I felt while reading the bolder crushing, the torrents, and then the return to the land of the living. Wow.

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous!❤️ Especially love; “Here the wounded mind heals; the worn out heart finds rest; here the day is not sunless; neither the night starless.”❤️

  6. Yes, meditation and yoga bring inner peace…we just need to quieten the mental clamour and learn to breathe…Very inspiring piece, Sumana! Very well penned, as always!

Thank You :)

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