How wonderful it is to watch that spot of bluish black dot of a cloud in the north-western sky gestating. In the wink of an eye it spreads over the whole sky. A cool breeze rises like a balm on our feverish skin that was about to blister in the sweltering heat. Rolling clouds, roaring wind determined to chop off the head of tall coconut palm trees begin their madness while with enormous fronds they stand their ground in the midst of torrential rain. My father says, ‘Aah…here comes our Nor’wester*’. We watch with bating breath, calculating how many green mangoes will fall so that we might collect later. Mother Nature is such an entertainer! She gifts us at least a peaceful, cool day through this storm in a week. The night is all jasmine. Their enchanting scent mesmerizes us. We don’t study for there’s power cut. No light. What delight! We don’t care about the fan for there’s a sweet zephyr. Ghost stories flow from grandpa.

This was long ago almost from a previous birth as it were. Nowadays there’s no Nor’wester. Nature grieves, fumes and we melt like brown candles. Heat is everywhere. Words like mortars fall on Facebook wall from neighboring countries.People feed each other with sly innuendoes.

White blossoms of night

Fill our minds with past fragrance

Peace is elusive



*Nor’wester is a stormy weather pattern in West Bengal and Bangladesh




Posted for dVerse Poets Pub – Haibun Monday #40 ~ Summer hosted by Grace



18 thoughts on “Summer

  1. What beautiful poetry you have written here. I nearly cried when hit with the second paragraph- the way things are now (words falling like mortars, feeding sly innuendoes)- as compared to the idyllic world of jasmine nights, sweet zephyrs, mother nature throwing mangoes down to you. Beautiful and heart-rending contrast.

  2. I love how mother nature was an entertainer with the jarmine scent invading the night ~

    Such a change (a stark contrast) now, with the grieving and fuming nature ~ Love your haiku of the white blossoms at night.

  3. I love the opening lines, Sumana, especially that ‘bluish black dot of a cloud in the north-western sky gestating’. You’ve appealed to all the senses! I also enjoyed the ‘rolling clouds, roaring wind determined to chop off the head of tall coconut palm trees’.I agree that Mother Nature is an entertainer and that ‘people feed each other with sly innuendoes’.

  4. There are so many good lines in this. Melting like brown candles – descriptive and visual. I can feel the heat in this and the regret at things in the past. A truly evocative write.

Thank You :)

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