Summer Devours



Sultry summer blows

out the pretty blooms’ glow.

They brown.



At the crest of woe,

all ride, seethe and slow

them down.



Dog days freely flow.

Their torrid smile glows.

We frown.




Posted for dVerse MTB ~ Lai It On! Hosted by Victoria






When stormy hands of grief

try to get hold of me

to strangle me to death

I step out

set out

to the edge of water,

where indigo stream gives a hug;

green earth caresses my bare feet;

tree roofs overhead rain silence

that river into my heart

dousing ember words.

My breath like so many little boats

with white sails drift leisurely

towards the unknown shore.


Posted for dVerse Poetics: Poems that could save your life, hosted by Kim: the challenge is to write a poem to save someone’s life on themes given in a list, my theme was ‘bereavement’





Goddess of fury

flashed that auburn look

to turn me

into a heap of ash

while I smiled

picking up

the storm seeds

She had scattered to ruin me.

I was hell bent on

not letting her

reap thunder and rain

from my field.




Posted for dVerse: Quadrille #34 ~ Storm hosted by De Jackson