Names Matter Sometimes


Amir Timur / Tamerlane SOURCE


If you are a celeb of this land

and keep your baby’s name

in the name of that dreaded Timur of Persia

you are likely to set evil eye on yourself.

Yet this celeb couple did just that.

Imagine the aftermath!

All on a sudden this ember of a name

was the cynosure of all eyes.

A huge carrion flower popped up

out of void as it were

for all those scavenging insects

starving since eons.

How they were lured

by the corpse-smell of a name!

What a feast of blitz they had!

Such barbecue of spoken words

with the spice of insolence!

Well, as of now,

(thanks to the paparazzi

secretly stationed outside the baby’s home

to snap his every public outing

and vowing oodles of scoops)

the name Taimur is synonymous

to adorable, sweet, charming, winsome etc. etc.

The same public

that went berserk over the Muslim name

now cannot handle

the overloaded cuteness of it.

‘What’s in a name type’ of luxury

can’t be afforded in a country

where divisive politics rules the roost;

where illiteracy is bliss;

where dark age is just a step away;

where dream has taken leave

giving room to nightmare.



Taimur Ali Khan with mom Kareena


Posted for Poetry Pantry #361 @ Poets United


20 thoughts on “Names Matter Sometimes

  1. What’s in a name? Sometimes, somewhere its can bring back unwanted memories and the child has to prove they are an individual, a separate person living their own life and must be judged for themselves alone.

  2. What a vacuous empty world we live in, where celebrities are of interest to any of us. At least in Bollywood there is not a fascination for a celebrity’s gargantuan heavily insured arse ( K Kardashian) like there is in Hollywood.
    Well not yet anyway !:)

  3. I wish I knew a little bit more about what inspired this poem….but I feel the darkness underneath & I feel the hell of those divisive politics & dreams taking leave. And, as for the paparazzi, truly people should have other things to concern themselves with besides focusing such attention on a mother and baby.

    • A Bollywood couple faced a lot of backlash over the naming of their son after Timur, the Turkish ruler who invaded India. Public opinion filtered through petty politics has grabbed this country already reeling under the threat of communal disharmony. What a tragedy for a pluralistic, multilingual and multi ethnic society that India had been since the ages!

  4. I had to look up the name. (My knowledge of history is so deficient.). I like your commentary about the weight of a name and how the masses, already divided, can spend time on what celebrities do.

  5. Yes I can relate to the feeling.. what people must go through .. the consequences of choosing a name that creates a stir.. Love the picture of Kareena and the baby 🙂

  6. Names do have impact – those who seek the limelight should be especially sensitive to public opinion especially in tense communal times. Imagine for example calling a child Hitler or Beelzebub- the burden would be great and the impact profound. Aside from all the debates though your words were so profound
    “All on a sudden this ember of a name

    was the cynosure of all eyes.

    A huge carrion flower popped up

    out of void as it were”

Thank You :)

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