I have walked away from the days

that beat like hummingbird wings-


and opted for life in the slow lane

to be one of those garden snails.


The mind like a long billed sailfish,

or a cheetah races nevertheless-


in the oceans, forests of words

to cup some sunup, petrichor moments.


Posted for my Midweek Motif ~ Movement @ Poets United


20 thoughts on “Movement

  1. I love the description of “days that beat like hummingbird wings,” and share the slower pace of our days now. The mind still leaps, it is true……love the “mind like a long-billed sailfish.” And “to cup some sunup”. Gorgeous write, my friend.

  2. Ha Sumana, I wish I had written this poem. There is something to be said for life in the slow lane after so much time living a life like the beat of hummingbird wings. This REALLY is a good one.

  3. life in the slow lane – yeah – i guess i still have to learn that – i tend to pack too many things into my days… i like the word forests… sigh

  4. This leaves a strong message …mental strength plays such a major part of our lives. Beautifully done, Sumana.
    I had left a comment here sometime back, can’t find it now😡

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