In Times of Hatred



While this land

wears the look of gore

with all the killings,




going round

like a ticking clock,

and all my words

flee in shame,

the blue above puts on a dark gray shade

and the summer melts into rain.



Posted for Poetry Pantry @ Poets United


22 thoughts on “In Times of Hatred

  1. I do think as well that words often flee in shame – as if there is nothing that can be done about a world in such havoc. I keep hoping for the sun to appear to lighten that dark gray shade. We have to keep that hope (somehow) alive.

  2. Sadly only when it is too late will those responsible for our self destruction say “Why weren’t we told?” thinking that their money in the bank will somehow save them by getting tickets to Mars. They can go now if they like!

  3. Sumana this was haunting and so poignant. Oh my heart breaks as I read about this hatred everywhere I turn….even close to home….but I keep hope alive even if just a little bit at times… shines a light that must never dim.

  4. It does seem – more and more – that nature is mimicking the dismal state of human affairs, doesn’t it. Pathetic fallacy on a cosmic scale … so sad. Brilliant writing, Sumana.

  5. the blue above puts on a dark gray shade
    and the summer melts into rain.

    So many happenings around the world but no one seems to take notice. Those who can make a difference are the perpetrators in most instances!


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