Sanctuary: A Cherita

Sanctuary: A Cherita

I find a sanctuary in your smile-


that’s rose-soft with latitude

and rock hard too-


where I keep my nest of dreams-

my frail and brittle soul,

secure and safe.


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Rooted to Woe



The moist road under my feet sings

while the glossy grass

carefully hold their dots of blooms

against the naughty wind in their playful mood.

This bonny morning

pulls me into

its enormous foyer of exuberance;

where trees enjoy monsoon manna

and give a shake to their roots

to go deeper,

where merry brooks

weave their delight into babbling tune

just as the moist road under my feet sings,

telling me to move on.

But my heart chooses

to be a megalith of grief.


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