Human Trafficking: A Cherita



Courtesy: Poets United


She was lust fodder.


So she had to be sold and cooked

in dark flames of lecherous greed.


Yet she couldn’t be consumed

for she’s to be an undying candle flame

flinging away night around her.


Here is a LINK, the source of my poem


Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Human Trafficking @ Poets United

The End: A Cherita*


Words glide down,


to the end of fingertips

to begin their dance-


of sunrise and twilight

void and darkness

and of a blood red dawn.


**Cherita is a poetic form [1-2-3] of three stanzas telling a story. The first one has one line the second, two and the final stanza has three lines. Cherita is a Malay word for story/tale. This form was created by al li



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