The End: A Cherita*


Words glide down,


to the end of fingertips

to begin their dance-


of sunrise and twilight

void and darkness

and of a blood red dawn.


**Cherita is a poetic form [1-2-3] of three stanzas telling a story. The first one has one line the second, two and the final stanza has three lines. Cherita is a Malay word for story/tale. This form was created by al li



Posted for dVerse Poetics ~ The End hosted by Paul Scribbles



10 thoughts on “The End: A Cherita*

  1. I love it when I am introduced to an interesting new form, Sumana. Thank you for the cherita.
    I love those words that
    ‘…glide down,
    to the end of fingertips’.

  2. For me the sunrise is fire & the sunset is blood; smile. Our meds were in similar tracks, dear one. Your new form (to me) looks like fun, though such brevity would push me into writing several at a setting. I love it when we poets write about words/poetics–such reverence & authenticity !

Thank You :)

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