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There are no suns, moons or stars in you-

neither the ocean, no sky nor even a firefly

ever made any presence about your being,

yet I hear your silent steps in my heart.


Your lips are the exotic trees with rare blossoms-

that unfurl their petals not in profusion

to drown me in colors or perfume,

yet I feel their soft touch in my core.


You are no flower but a hardened rock-

that rose above brine water of the eyes

of my broken self in a broken world.


You rise as did our Himalayas-

with the warm heart in layers of snow

while I am a pebble of prayer.


Posted for dVerse MTB ~ Neruda and the free sonnet hosted by Bjorn Rudberg


Shared with Poetry Pantry #367 @ Poets United


33 thoughts on “Love

  1. Your last tercet is very strong–the poem really shines, sporting internal rhyme as if it couldn’t help itself–another strong ingredient of unfettered free verse; yet you still give us the taste of Neruda-through your unique personal perceptions nd lovely6 word-smithing. I liked the line /yet I hear your silent steps in my heart/.

  2. Sumana,, this is a spectacular poem. I wish i had written it. The warm heart under the snow, the rising under the brine water of the eyes, and “i am a pebble of prayer”. Absolutely beautiful. Wow.

  3. “I feel their soft touch in my core.” This contrast to the smothering, to the strength of rock, to the height above the soft heart, this is a power unsurpassed! I love this poem! May I use it in next month’s Love Poetry and Spirituality workshop? It’ll inspire participants to s-t-r-e-t-c-h for their truths.

  4. So many startling images in this poems, but the last—a person as a pebble of prayer—is the most startling (and charming) of all.

  5. There is no doubt about the magnificence and majesty of the awe inspiring Himalayas but as one pebble to another, I feel most comfortable and identify best with the smallest pebble:)

Thank You :)

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