On certain

moonlit nights-

I give my words,

my thoughts,

a break-

all go

while I am awash

with dappled darkness-

my soul attuned

to milky night

with an ear

catching the note

of Raga Abhogi*

birthing from the Sitar

inundating me in bliss.



*A raga or ragini is akin to a melodic mode in Indian classical music. Raga Abhogi is a night raga sung or played in early night.




Posted for dVerse Quadrille ~ Bliss hosted by Bjorn Rudberg


24 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. This has all the sound and… oddly… scents and lighting of a warm night listening to deeply mesmerizing strings…. Or maybe I’m just filling in content as a reader. A delightful experience either way!

  2. “all go
    while I am awash
    with dappled darkness”

    This is my favorite section. Such a fascinating piece; thank you for the footnote. I found it so very interesting.

  3. Like several others, you hooked me at /dappled darkness/–but your personal & regional references conjured the exotic for many of us, heightened the depth, the sense of bliss.

Thank You :)

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