I Wish To Be Reunited With Her


Courtesy: Poets United


I sit

with a mute sea

in my heart

to be reunited

with you


I walk

on the path

of grief

only to rest

at your door


I craft now

with time-crystal

a chandelier

to be hung

on our reunion day

Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Reunion @ Poets United


16 thoughts on “I Wish To Be Reunited With Her

  1. Sigh! Grief is one of those emotions that have a life of their own. It carries every feeling within it …Oh how beautifully done, Sumana! My heart goes out to you… May peace and happiness surround you always. 🙂 Hugz…

  2. The point being she is with you and will always be with you now and in the hereafter in some form which we do not understand ..because of our human limitation. Allow her to shine her love, light and warmth on your darkness. I believe she will help in showing you the way to some peace . This is a very hard time in your life . At some point it will become more bearable. You are very brave.Hang in there !

Thank You :)

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