Peace lives in the petals

that are plucked

off a flower

with the mantra

he loves me, he loves me not.


Peace hides in the dandelion

which the child blows

sending the seeds into the air

like so many tiny helicopters to return again

under a sapphire sky.


Peace becomes the blue lake

deep, placid, in my heart

reflecting Thy thoughts

in lotus shape,

in melting love.


Peace is that golden swan of light

outspreading its long wings…

flying away from the earth

into the Milky Way, in search of a home-

have we lost it forever?



Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Peace @ Poets United


15 thoughts on “Peace

  1. Oh! How that last plea echoes into our universe. And you reveal the plucked petals and exploded seeds in the heart of our peace, where the still lake inside may be all that truly melts us! Yet this imagery, brings me peace and maybe, just maybe, can make it possible. Beautiful solitude, hopeful community.

  2. I like the idea that peace is hiding in various places or is disguised as part of something else. It is all around us, it seems, but often we do not notice. We must look more carefully!

  3. Peace comes in so many forms that sometimes we don’t recognize it, and ask: Have we lost it forever? But it will be found, it will!

  4. I love that peace is searching for a home in the Milky way. Have we lost it forever? Love it.
    That says it all. The desperation that it will go as it is hard to find.

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