Jungle Safari


The alphabet-

hanging from the tall trees,

in leaf shape-


in jungle scent

of wild flowers and beasts-

being left

in scrawls and doodles of

elephant dung-

pug-marks of big cats-

in the image

of the lone gaur*

at a salt-pit,

gently formed a sentence

of a language

hitherto unknown to me.

With the freshness

of a new learner

I’ve vowed

to learn the lingo by heart.

So, there lies the path

and begins

a new journey.

*Indian Bison

Posted for my prompt ~ Journey @ Poets United Midweek Motif


To Be A Tree

Jaldapara forest

stood like a full song-

eternally set

to ethereal music-

to take one

into otherworldliness.

Trees from time to time

bursting forth

with white egrets

in right beat-

Pachyderms, big cats-

cerulean sky,

and that deluge of the green-

stole my words.

I saw them crumble

into the dust.

All I wanted then was

to be

a Kilmer’s Tree there.


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Noah’s Ark (1846), a painting by Edward Hicks



in a jungle of high rises

alighted an angel-

in a dog form-

to save

from a garbage dump

a new born human

with umbilical cord still attached.

The angel hid the wings in its mouth

to gently carry the baby

to safety.

The same news of dog saving newborns

trickled in

From Brazil, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, India……..

These angels are all over the world

working hard……

In what Hell was framed

the human heart,

I wonder.




Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Animals @ Poets United