Noah’s Ark (1846), a painting by Edward Hicks



in a jungle of high rises

alighted an angel-

in a dog form-

to save

from a garbage dump

a new born human

with umbilical cord still attached.

The angel hid the wings in its mouth

to gently carry the baby

to safety.

The same news of dog saving newborns

trickled in

From Brazil, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, India……..

These angels are all over the world

working hard……

In what Hell was framed

the human heart,

I wonder.




Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Animals @ Poets United


16 thoughts on “Angels

  1. Wow, yes! Well might a dog angel apprise humanity! A unique and blazing vision, it could expand into a short story or novel.

  2. Sumana, you have written what I feel but could not express so beautifully. I see those stories too………the contrast between a dog’s heart and come humans’ distresses me terribly. They are earth angels, for certain. Your closing lines really hit home. Especially these days when the hearts of darkness are exposed for all to see. Sigh. I take joy in borrowing a friend’s dog to take to the beach. I love watching how happy she is simply BEING. She needs nothing more than the present moment to be fully happy.

  3. “In what Hell was framed the human heart,” Very powerful and true and I love the tale of the angel disguised as dog. I recently saw a photo of a dog carrying a newborn. Amazing

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