To Be A Tree

Jaldapara forest

stood like a full song-

eternally set

to ethereal music-

to take one

into otherworldliness.

Trees from time to time

bursting forth

with white egrets

in right beat-

Pachyderms, big cats-

cerulean sky,

and that deluge of the green-

stole my words.

I saw them crumble

into the dust.

All I wanted then was

to be

a Kilmer’s Tree there.


Posted for Poetry Pantry @ Poets United


27 thoughts on “To Be A Tree

  1. Sumana, this is a SPECTACULAR poem, my new favourite of yours. I especially love the trees standing like a song, and the image of those egrets flying out of the tree. Sigh. Gorgeous. You are seeing some beautiful things!

  2. Wow, Sumana……really a good poem. Beautiful sights & images. I like how you wrote about being a “Kilmer’s tree” evoking Joyce Kilmer’s wonderful poem.

  3. It is horrifying to see the world that we were brought up with being brought to its knees possibly never to recover probably due to our own stupidity (investors, miners and foolish government interests). Perhaps if we all scream loudly enough someone will hear us.

  4. Such a beautiful poem. It would be wonderful to be a tree. Right now i am reading Jane Goodall’s book about plants and trees and it is fascinating, so this poem really speaks to me.

Thank You :)

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