Micropoetry #4 (A Naani*)




The youth sets out

to mason up a building –

his bride in red cotton sari

sees him off at the door.




Pyre is lit

two sons follow priest’s loud oration-

husband stares across

the sunset Ganga


(*Naani is a four line poem containing 20-25 syllables, invented by an Indian poet, Dr. N. Gopi, who writes in Telugu language. Elaine Patricia Morris introduced this form to us over at Rajani’s Micropoetry Month: 2017)



Posted for Micropoetry Month:2017 #4 hosted by Thotpurge


Sharing with Poetry Pantry @ Poets United


22 thoughts on “Micropoetry #4 (A Naani*)

  1. I really like the form, Sumana. I can feel the tension in each of them. A bit of hopefulness as well as some sadness. Vivid portrayals – both of them!

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