Micropoetry # 9 (A Septolet*)

Durga** wears-


red eyes-

broken voice



marks of

whole-night jugalbandi*** of

expletives; beatings.





*A Septolet has seven lines containing a total number of fourteen words in two parts.

**Durga is the warrior Goddess, whose mythology centers combating evils and demonic forces (Wikipedia). Here Durga, a domestic help, working at my mother’s place is a victim of domestic violence.

***A jugalbandi is a performance in Indian Classical Music, specially Hindustani Music, that features a duet of two solo musicians. Jugalbandi literally means “entwined twins”. The duet can be either vocal or instrumental (Wikipedia).



Posted for Micropoetry Month: Nov 2017 #9 hosted by Thotpurge


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