he spun hued words

of his world of black and white

and let it soar beyond the wall

to an impossibly

bright sky




colors were his daggers

he would often draw upon

his muted soul

joy would roll down his cheek

giving a hue to his gray face




what he was he was

life sparked in his eyes

the lips radiated that aura

of bonhomie

at this crestfallen world of sham




he couldn’t say a hello

let alone hold her hand

all he could do

was pour his heart out

on the wall




once I saw

a picture of Helix Nebula

that reminded me

of his infinite heart

which was all seeing even in deep waters



Posted for dVerse Poetics: Street View hosted by Lilian


12 thoughts on “Graffiti

  1. I like this guy.

    Our world needs colour and contrast otherwise everything becomes the same. I mean chocolate ice cream is good but if that is all you ever eat it eventually becomes very tired.

    Art is often a release for all that pent up emotion and gives the ability to say things that are otherwise hard to say. Great character sketch in verse.

  2. Oh wow. This is gorgeous:

    “he couldn’t say a hello
    let alone hold her hand
    all he could do
    was pour his heart out
    on the wall”

  3. Bravissimo times 5! Wonderful sketches that can be read separately with each image, or taken as a whole, give us the journey of this voice. So very well done. I like the all….and most especially the last three.

Thank You :)

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