Meteor Showers

it started with a beach death,

on the right hand column-

four hapless whales

breathed their last

in Aceh Besar in Indonesia-

then rose the storm of meteors

of dark words…

that kept glittering

in their sinister shine-

fat, medium, thin headlines-

on the foreign page-

I was gobsmacked reading…..

how could a teen be accused

of raping a hen…a hen?

even on the Sport page glowed-

Dokic* revealed abuse

in her autobiography,

Why was this…



I better shut up

and stop abusing


after all meteors are meant

to be ashes only

*Jelena Dokic, former world No. 4 tennis player




Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Meteor Showers @ Poets United


 Also sharing with Micropoetry Month: Nov 2017: #15 hosted by Thotpurge


17 thoughts on “Meteor Showers

  1. Fabulously inspired by both prompts! You’re so right.. the newspaper is a mine field these days.. full of horrors. Wish the evils of the world would so easily and wondrously turn to ashes. Thanks so much for sharing Sumana..

  2. It is like an avalanche, it just piles on. One begins and it seems they come out of the woodwork. Bad news. Crazy news. The insane horrors of our world. Raping a hen – ironically had a call here at the school about a student and a cow. Its a bizarre crazy world.

  3. The world has gone mad…
    Just for the hell of it I googled ‘raping a hen’ and it seems this not the first time…
    Love your take.
    Anna :o]

  4. Best contemplate the stars when the news on earth is so dark and dim. This made for interesting reading. Am sad for whales , humans, all creatures, in what should be a garden of delight.

  5. This month end was fantastic for astronomy lovers,there was a lot going in the sky.
    On 3rd of december venus and moon pair was visible,On 12th December there was Super moon and now Geminid meteor shower.Now waiting for Ursid meteor shower on 22nd december.

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