Micropoetry #19





when thoughts are a mist in the dark hours-

words blur, soul’s mute, in the shower

of darkness; you, as black and white petals

bloom bringing light in earth’s bower





Posted for Micropoetry Month: Nov 2017 #19 hosted by Thotpurge


9 thoughts on “Micropoetry #19

  1. Even in darkness there is little bit of light and colour and we should always be hopeful. This is the message I get from this beautiful poem

  2. Ok, I am intrigued. Why are they all wearing black and white? Is this a religious festival or function?
    I tried to make the picture bigger and see what was going on, but it did not help much. Smiles.

    Is it ever really fully dark? I think at night sometimes it is darkest right before the light. Maybe that is our expectation making it seem so.

    Light wins every time. It chases darkness away. The only way the darkness wins is when we let the light go out.

    • This is Srinagar, Kashmir, where militants and Indian Army are at loggerheads. Sometimes schools, colleges remain close because of bombings. However the situation is under control, now. This is the famous tulip garden where we visited and came across many school girls wearing black school uniform with a white hijab covering their head. They smiled at us, visitors. To me they were nothing but sunshine defying fear & hatred. My husband told me they were looking like tulips themselves, though in black and white because of their school uniform. This picture was taken by me.

  3. The synonym for the girls as black and white tulips is inspired. Your husband has poetic potential 🙂
    Kashmir means house boats to me…now I am going to research hostilities going on there. Your poems are a mine of info:)Enjoyed this.

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