Poetry (Micropoetry #21)



Some necessarily choose

a darker sky and shoot up

to shine and twinkle

for the star catchers

to be beyond me-

I let them go with a sigh-

a few stay to let me collect

molten words of their hearth-

I feel their street urchin breath-

hear their buzz for a new bloom-

see their muddy feet-

on the other side of rhythm-

I make my home corner

with their stale wrath of desperation






Posted for Micropoetry Month: Nov 2017 # 21 hosted by Thotpurge


Shared with Poetry Pantry #388 @ Poets United


22 thoughts on “Poetry (Micropoetry #21)

  1. Some interesting twists in this. I at first thought the darker sky could be a bad thing. But we all have to find our contrast in order for our full brightness to be appreciated. I am still not sure though because of the street urchin breath and the desperation there in the end. Sometimes it can be so overwhelming though with so many people and stories crushing in on you.

    You made me think today.

  2. People must find the places that suit them best, whether it is shining in the dark or blooming on the earth. If we are left earthbound, at least we have the comfort of others who see the beauty of the “molten words of their hearth.”

  3. This makes me think, Sumana. It is a poem, I think, that everyone can take their own meaning from…..which I did……. I think about those star catchers rising in the dark sky & pray for the light, as I try to maintain my own comforting home corner

  4. Letting things go, especially good things, is one of life’s most difficult tasks. No wonder we sigh when we do it!

  5. The darker sky seems to speak of darkness in general and how those with wrong intents need to project an image or perhaps and illusion? I thought provoking piece to read this day!

  6. I think I would make my home corner there too – better the real world with all its agonies, rather than the illusion of stardom where hearts become a void.
    Anna :o]

  7. The yearly sad goodbyes and embracing of those who stay for any teacher–that’s how this strikes me. I loved the ones who got further than I could go. Those last two lines break my heart.

Thank You :)

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