Micropoetry #23 (A Naani)


pic from internet

Eclectus parrots stuffed

in drainage pipes

call back his childhood days

incarcerated in school time



[Naani is a four line poem having 20-25 syllables]


This picture of bizarre smuggling attempt reminded me of Tagore as a child who loved to skip off school for its jail like feel.

Posted for Micropoetry Month: Nov 2017 #23 hosted by Thotpurge


Shared with Poetry Pantry @ Poets United


26 thoughts on “Micropoetry #23 (A Naani)

  1. Goodness.. how could they do that to those gorgeous birds.Shameful. And yes sometimes school can drain the creativity from a student.. at least our education by rote system must have been horrible for someone with the free flowing creativity of Tagore! Nicely crafted Sumana. Didn’t know he bunked school!!! Thanks for sharing with my Micropoetry Month.

  2. Haha. Ok, not laughing at the parrots but at the incarcerated in school.
    I manage Saturday school so I have to deal with the disgruntled incarcerated
    on the weekend. Its a great time to connect with kids tho.

    So I am curious, why smuggle parrots? To supply pet shops?
    Are parrots used in a ritual?

  3. Oh those poor parrots!! what a lovely naani you have created and I have learned of this novelist as well…thank you so much for sharing. The beauty of blogging opens my mind to the world!

  4. Poor birds–I am reacting to your image, because in the words I focus more on the man’s experience. What a delicate form to stuff so much into!

  5. When I saw the image, I thought the parrots were stuffed animals, used in some sort of art-piece on animal cruelty. To find out that they are real chills me. People can be rotten, greedy, and so very stupid.

    Your Naani is chilling and as powerful as the photo.

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