Water (A Cinquain)



for miles

they walk on sand-

with eyes, limpid pool dreams-

they collect, it, counting each drop-

and sigh-


[Women in many parts of the world have to walk miles (3-4) daily to bring water. This chore keeps girls out of school and women from more productive economic activities]



Posted for Micropoetry Month: Nov 2017 #26 hosted by Thotpurge


Shared with Poetry Pantry #380 @ Poets United


29 thoughts on “Water (A Cinquain)

  1. It was like that in the area where i grew up, We had pipe bourne water at our house but many did not in the same neighbourhood. I remember though one of my chores before i went to schooll was to go to a nearby grassy mound to gather a weed we called watergrass [Commelina] to feed the chickens

    Happy Sunday Sumana

  2. I forget how privileged I am sometimes. I have a colder than normal house because of a furnace glitch, but my house holds in heat fairly well, we have a fireplace, and the furnace will be fixed soon. Some have it a lot tougher.

  3. Every year, I do a real world project in Algebra/Geometry. One of the topics is Water around the world, and how the women often have to walk miles, and sometimes several times a day so that they have enough for the family. Def reality.

  4. What a difficult life for so many young girls, and how bleak their future as they carry out this back-breaking work. Oh that they could dream of something more than this!

  5. The very basic need of water is great in many parts of the world. Those of us who have never known the need cannot comprehend . Your words are riveting and descriptive!

  6. One of the problems of our rich world is that maintaining an underclass seems essential to statisfy the greedy. The world is still rich in reources but they are not shared equally for everyones benefit. When the Earth is on the brink of disaster hopefully all the greedy will shoot off to another planet and we might be able to start again.

  7. Water is a life sustaining element and I wish there was an easier way to retrieve the much needed water. A water line of some sorts. You have shared their plight and the form choice worked well for the message.

  8. Anell is so right, “This is a sad poem”. It’s strange, the task of carrying water brings me good memory–back home, we walked a few miles to the well, which was deep in the woods. But everybody went–okay, the kids (boys a girls, never sacrificing school). The jugs and cans where heavy, but we play so much on the way that it didn’t feel like work. We were lucky. Which in a way, makes this poem even sadder… since I know that one can be poor and happy, but never treated like less and happy.

Thank You :)

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