A Celebration


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I look up-

to see confetti clouds-

of sunset,

pasted in the sky.

The rows of eucalyptus

jingle in sparrow voice-

ringing vesper bell-

in twilight.

Just as shadowy bats

deluge the crepuscular sky-

I toast the moment with words

for an aftertaste.



Posted for my prompt in Poets united Midweek Motif ~ Celebration     


24 thoughts on “A Celebration

  1. There is a gentle and reverent breath in this.
    I love the visuals. Even the shimmer of a dark cloud of those bats that roll across the confetti sky.
    There is something to the bells, that helps me find peace.

  2. Oh, more, more of this “aftertaste”! Share the “confetti” and the “eucalyptus / jingle” and you include me in that “toast” and moment of mystic presence. Thank you!

  3. That’s exactly what poets do: They toast the moment with words. Isn’t it amazing! Have a happy end-of-the-year celebration!

  4. kaykuala

    I toast the moment with words
    for an aftertaste.

    One would like to make sure it gets its intended target all with the kind words! Rightly so Sumana!


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