lunar eclipse AP

Courtesy: PU


The mother remembers

how the moon alone

stayed awake with her

on an unearthly night

when all left-

mother and moon

were related-


by existence alone


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The quintessential, ambush predators

are they

who camouflaged in code names

like Little Boy* or Fat Man**

thwapped out their tongues

of hatred and pride

to ambush their prey…..

Who are their prey?

Ask those specters

who lived in the 1940’s

in the area of Hiroshima

or Nagasaki….

*Atom Bomb for Hiroshima

**Atom Bomb for Nagasaki

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Psyche (Soul)


Here in our land we grow up with the idea of reincarnations, that tells us Soul or Self or Atman or Brahman or God or Consciousness or Living Energy is different from Mana (Mind), Buddhi (Intellect), Chitta (The storehouse where all the Samskaras/ impressions of our past work or Karma are stored) and Ahamkara (Ego). The mind is a subtle body that stays with all the Karma done even when the gross body passes away. It takes another body through birth to work out the Karma. The body, while living, houses the eternal and immortal Atman making every living object Divine. Once this Atman is awakened, he/she becomes One with the Atman and escapes the cycle of births and deaths.



However I am one of those souls whose Atman is in deep sleep. So every day I have to wake up with a Mind that’s a cheeky brat and has the power to become a stormy sea with sky reaching waves of unholy desires. Thank God that I have received a Name to perform Japa (repetition of a Mantra) to soothe it down. My Mind tries to escape from the task until Buddhi ties it up and forces it to do the job. It’s a hard struggle everyday to brave those waves. I have already taken a bath in fire. It’s agonizing as well as ecstatic to see a desire fall like an auburn autumn leaf. I covet to make a bonfire of desires. Even if I have to take a million births for that I will certainly do that.



flakes of darkness dance

only for a time being

the sunrise happens

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The Body



That day I dreadfully discovered

that my right shoulder

had a mind of its own-

I was amazed at its ill will-

even its whisper was painful to bear-

I couldn’t say, “How dare…….”

I have to put up with

all its mischief, for the time being-

my mind is an angel…

I watch how, like a loving mother,

it makes the sick baby

do all the stretching-

the baby won’t budge

at the time of towel stretch-

but the stern mind is ever so patient,

takes its time

and then makes the babe do its job…

that the devil sloth

doesn’t appear and gobble up the mind

is my only prayer now-


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we stand in the doorway

of a lingering dream

to reach

a close space of four walls

with a roof overhead

called a room

to shelter us

from a sneering world-

the full moon in the open

with its icy touch is deadly to us-

let all open space be theirs,

the sky, rivers, oceans, mountains and all-

let them eat the moon, stars and the sun

with their everlasting hunger

for more-

this dream of ours

will carry us to our own door


we carry on weaving

this hope-



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