Shoes (A Haibun)


Vincent van Gogh – Shoes (1888)


My old companion is a pair of sandals I use with my Sari and Salwar-Kameez. I can’t recall when I brought them home. All I know is that they have stuck with me through thick and thin. They are as sweet as my ageless home flip flops and the boot. They smile at me and never feel abandoned when I neatly keep them on a little shoe-rack and walk barefoot in extreme heat. Neither do they feel forsaken when I have to wear my boot on the uneven Himalayan path for they are certain that I will always return to them. These omniscient pairs know of my Achilles heel unfit for stiletto. They know my fear of Falling from Grace of a still unscathed body. They are aware of my ambitionless soul to raise myself a bit higher. They also know how tied I am to my comfort zone of old, unbroken and never failing friendship.



in storms and rains

not a soul by your side

but old friends


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