It’s a little room of your own

that shelters you or gives you company

in time of stress-

It’s a close friend

who is yet to traverse

on the path of waywardness-

it’s this much; no more no less-

you’ll be lost in a palace-

rooms after rooms

will consume you like fire-

camaraderie of a wild kind

will land you

in the shore of the soulless-

even as meager an amount

of thirty pieces of silver

sent someone to the abyss once…..


Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Money @ Poets United


14 thoughts on “Money

  1. Wow! Just enough, that is all I pray for. Your poem spells this out so clearly it makes me cry. Why did anyone ever–does anyone ever–destroy the world by taking asking for more than they need? Sharing! Thank you!

  2. The evil of greed well expressed in your poem.
    In Australia they are making new laws to protect aged parents from their children who are stealing their money and property. Evidently it is rife but hard to get the correct figures because understandably the parents are too ashamed to report their children to the police. There is an elder abuse hotline here as well….It is just chilling to witness the way life is going.I wonder if the barbarians were as bad as this.

    Yesterday at my supermarket I saw a small jar of Himalayan pink salt. I thought of you…bought it..and now I have no idea what to do with it. LOL

  3. Greed is such an ugly thing when in human nature it is the norm to share with others and if you need they will share with you. Sadly the world is ruled by greedy people, and their number is growing. Being mean and selfish is now a worthy attribute of success.

  4. kaykuala

    camaraderie of a wild kind
    will land you
    in the shore of the soulless-

    Definitely a danger if not managed well


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