In the mirror

I often meet this woman

bearing a secret scream-


to do that-

yet she’s bearing-

her sweetness is a heavy sigh-

her words….masks-

she stands there in the mirror-

indifferent to the world-

her every cell’s lit up, burning-

scream gyrating-

throat, lips tightly closed

and she’s bearing-


Posted for my prompt Scream @ Poets United Midweek Motif


14 thoughts on “Scream

  1. Strange race are humans who love to humiliate each other often when they are supposed to be partners, a family. I think we are basically flawed, intent on hurting or killing each other, even the ones we should care for.

  2. Powerful piece, Sumana. Most times we bear instead of letting out a scream. How freeing it would be to just scream!

  3. The repetition of “bearing” breaks my heart. This poem makes me feel the load. This image resonates: “her sweetness is a heavy sigh-
    her words….masks”

  4. I recognise that woman in the mirror, Sumana.I love the contrast of the ‘secret scream’ and the ‘heavy sigh’, which emphases the way that so many women hold in their pain.

Thank You :)

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