I watch the mother crow

feed its babies (one even might be a cuckoo kid, who knows),

jostling in a nest (if you could call that a nest-

with all those whatever prodding out,

hmmm….totally unlovely home décor-

I once discovered a spoon in a broken crow-nest,

thief-y bird!!)

she is very much plain, you know

to the extent of unsightly-

sporting grey, white and black


What’s there to watch?


isn’t it godly to see love pouring out

in the shape of a worm or whatever

(purely putrid to us)

tenderly put

into a trembling pink tunnel

that spirals down

where lives perpetual hunger-

from a mother

whatever color she has

whatever shape

whatever class?


Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif  Colour / Color @ Poets United