I watch the mother crow

feed its babies (one even might be a cuckoo kid, who knows),

jostling in a nest (if you could call that a nest-

with all those whatever prodding out,

hmmm….totally unlovely home décor-

I once discovered a spoon in a broken crow-nest,

thief-y bird!!)

she is very much plain, you know

to the extent of unsightly-

sporting grey, white and black


What’s there to watch?


isn’t it godly to see love pouring out

in the shape of a worm or whatever

(purely putrid to us)

tenderly put

into a trembling pink tunnel

that spirals down

where lives perpetual hunger-

from a mother

whatever color she has

whatever shape

whatever class?


Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif  Colour / Color @ Poets United


14 thoughts on “Color

  1. Yes, yes, godly and starkly beautiful in its tenderness. Wow. Such a surprising poem that takes the entire world into its embrace.

  2. Life in all its forms is colorful, as you demonstrate in the worms and crows and maybe cuckoos that inhabit this poem.

  3. I love, love, love that you picked crows! I watch them a lot on my bike rides they’re very smart and vocal to each other. I’m never lucky enough to see nests, maybe this spring? They love Cheetos (in case you want to feed them.) What a great analogy.

  4. Sadly humanity in its inhumanity doesn’t see the world that way. There is beauty in every living creature as those that watch in wonder and respect some creature from the deep or the parade of ants in military style working as one so that the nest can survive and prosper, or indeed a mother crow making do as best she can reminding me of harder times and my own mother making do with odds and ends as well to feed us kids and keep us safe.

Thank You :)

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