Water is to remain

in the lines

of Basho:

Old pond / frogs jumped in / sound of water

while we all will be


and wood hard;

this planet

won’t even cough out a drop

while water will flow

in the pages of poets

though there would be none

to read Emily: Water is taught by thirst-


I can see the invisible marchers

with flags of yellow sand

blowing in fiery wind

slowly and surely

coming upon us-


Posted for my prompt Water @ Poets United Midweek Motif


19 thoughts on “Water

  1. And so that is how myth is created! Water, someday, may be just such a memory in the mouths of poets living and dead–mostly dead. Thirst, invisible marchers, yellow flags.

  2. I love your reference to my mentor, Basho. It is sad to think of water turning into sand. I listened to a missionary from Kenya yesterday telling of speaking to the Kenyan women in her group that they needed to drink six glasses of water a day and how they all looked at her, blankly. Clean drinking water is an issue with some tribes in Kenya. I wonder what the missionary was thinking…

  3. kaykuala

    this planet
    won’t even cough out a drop
    while water will flow
    in the pages of poets

    It sounds so tragic Sumana!
    It may even be a reality in the near future if we are not careful!


  4. Oh how I agree. We are so dumb and greedy that we can’t see ourselves to blame for the planets demise and don’t love our children enough to put it right.

  5. Water conservation is imperative. It will not happen unless communites are educated and cooperate in conservation. If we continue to squander our resources your poem will be true.

  6. No water no life. We humans have drained much of the water of this planet, its time to conserve it now and teach everyone to do the same.

  7. I do hope that it’s not true that water will remain in this world only in snatches of poetry!

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