Happiness Is A Doyel Bird



My skin almost melted

my nostrils burnt

my soul was a withered flower

lying about the dusty, parched

and gasping earth-

for a cool breath of miracle-

that comes down

from the sky-

it came yesterday-

along with it

came Happiness

in the form of a Doyel*

sitting on the grill

it whistled-

filling me with blessings-

I became the rolling clouds

I became the falling rain

I became a thousand leaves

and let drip these drops of grace

like Kisame**



*A Bengali word for Oriental Magpie Robin

**‘Kisame’ refers to rain that drips from leaves. Just learnt this Japanese word from fellow poet Toni Spencer and used it.



Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ HappinessSusan’s Midweek Motif ~ Happiness @ Poets United


18 thoughts on “Happiness Is A Doyel Bird

  1. Beautiful Sumana… it has been raining almost every day for the last few weeks here… everything gearing up for the monsoon. Your poem is gentle relief from the thunderstorms.

  2. Wow! To be inside you–or one of your poems–when happiness arrives is to expand with the breath of the earth and skies!

  3. A beautiful poem, Sumana! I can imagine the relief as the first drop of rain – ‘a cool breath of miracle’ – and the ‘Doyel*– sitting on the grill and whistling – .brought happiness.

Thank You :)

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