Poetic Justice


We are the people of Stupidity Street*

for us remains: a blind sky

a blanket of rheumy air

a few dead sparrows

a scarecrow in a desert

and sighs

of poets

*I used the title ‘Stupidity Street’ of Ralph Hodgson’s poem here.

(an old poem I chose to post today)

Posted for Poetry Pantry @ Poets United


17 thoughts on “Poetic Justice

  1. I want to print this and put it up somewhere in the house where everyone who walks in can read… well said Sumana. I need to look up and read the other poem as well.

  2. Humanity thinks it is so clever but wisdom and reason just don’t make a profit so are ignored. I feel sorry for my grandchildren who have to cope with an unlivable future.

  3. We are, indeed… Too many of us walk around, bumping into walls, breaking things and grinning like fools, and thinking all is well. Or, at least, that it will eventually be. Eventually keeps on shaking its head.

  4. Amazing list! If only those sighs could breathe life into the landscape or uncover somethingg our kind hasn’t destroyed.

    • Why did Swiftboard insert a green grocer’s apostrophe in “worlds”? Not once but three times? I had to change keyboards to escape the illiterate grammar fixer. It’s a tough world for poets.

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