I lust

for the cluster of luscious words


from this vine of life-

a little

beyond my reach-

I shall wear myself out

to leap at them-

let me fall short a million times-

I will not forsake this vine

and live close to it

till the day

they fall on their own

into my soul-



Posted for my prompt Lust @ Poets United Midweek Motif

Life Lessons


“All existence across space and time is considered as the same Oneness (Monism)”— Advaita Vedanta



You are the chosen one

to have come across the truth

what lies before you

is nothing but God-

He/She/It whatever be there

is God:

this sunrise today or the sundown

is That Being-

this warm breakfast, the plate, the eater

is That Being-

word-both holy and cuss is nothing

but That Being-

you want to touch Him/ Her/ It?

Go to an orchard-

feel Him under your feet as soil, grass, granules-

hold the freshly plucked red pomegranate

cut it open-

(He/ She/ It is the knife too)

feel how That Being has hidden Self

in each soft red pulp

only to be in your mouth

or in the mouths of other beings

out of love

to appease great hunger-


He/ She/ It

Is the poem, the poet and the reader too…….


Posted for Poetics: Life Lessons @ dVerse hosted by Mish