I lust

for the cluster of luscious words


from this vine of life-

a little

beyond my reach-

I shall wear myself out

to leap at them-

let me fall short a million times-

I will not forsake this vine

and live close to it

till the day

they fall on their own

into my soul-



Posted for my prompt Lust @ Poets United Midweek Motif


16 thoughts on “Lust

  1. Oh! I’m familiar with that lust, though I suspect you are nearer the fruit. This poem is evidence. In the Aesop’s Fables, when the fox cannot reach the grapes, he goes off in a huff saying they must be sour. But artists of the word have to keep trying for what is just out of rreach. Love this poem!

  2. Beautifully expressed,
    Reminded me of the story of the fox and his quest for the grapes.
    Your efforts to pursue & attain the vine shall surely succeed and the grapes i.e. the words will be sweet!

  3. My dear friend, they’ve been falling into your mouth to be reborn into pure yumminess for years!

    I love this. I love this so much–the images, their implication, the way it reflects my own lust for words.

  4. Yes, I understand what you say…and we are there to catch them when they ripen, and fall to the ground, we will gather them, and turn them into poems…

Thank You :)

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