When I think About Myself


How many ‘selves’ live within

I cannot tell-

Thinking of its great might

When I needed to wear black

I sported white

And that was enough to make

My life a hell-


And in my hell house

I home décor my face-

I let from the hearth rise the warmest smile

Hiding the icy freckles of blues

In style

And this little mask is enough to give

My life a little ‘grace’-


So this ‘graceful’ life

Is now a silent space,

Noiseless word and a quiet breeze

Trying hard to exist and flow,

It strives to unfreeze

Dark, ruthless time

To just keep pace-


Posted for my prompt ~ When I Think About myself @ Poets United Midweek Motif


15 thoughts on “When I think About Myself

  1. Such are the tribulations of life, but to keep pace with it is a kind of victory unto itself. A hellish life is hard to understand but so easy to come. These small graces are sometimes enough to keep us going.
    This is both a thoughtful and a thought-provoking verse.

  2. So much effort “just to keep pace”! When “graceful” life is forced silence behind a mask, that ‘s a small Hell. I can imagine bigger ones, unfortunately. Do we all have multiple selves, some obeying and putting a smile over the blues, some getting us in trouble with rebellion? If so, let’s nurture the one who lags behind for rest and meditation, saying “no” to the public show. For peace. For love. For you and for me, too.

  3. A sense of sadness here in the silent space. We often tend to be too hard and unforgiving of ourselves. I wish you peace.

  4. I so know that smile that covers the inner grief. I wear it every day. We do try to give our lives “a little grace”, my friend. And you do it so well. After reading this, I wish you and I could go to the foot of the Himalayas and just contemplate their beauty, their peace, their endurance, for a time. In our minds, we can do that! Meet you there!

  5. We should all be who we want to be not a puppet for others to shape form and control. I have always had a delight to see my children take their own path, make their own mistakes and then find the right track for themselves. What a boon writing is so we can let out our feelings which can appear to be just a writers whim.

  6. Love this, especially the When I needed to wear black
    I sported white… we find masks to just get through the hours, though in the end, who is to say if that compromise is the better path? Fabulous Sumana.

  7. It isn’t easy to keep up. Living life, is difficult. And seems to get more difficult everyday. Remember when we knew it all? Perhaps that is it, as we grow older, we get smarter, realize we know nothing. Our legs pumping, growing tired, running, running just trying to keep up. I haven’t stopped wearing black, when I reach for something else, it doesn’t feel right. And the little mask I wear, sporting a smile, and inside it feels different. Loved your write.

  8. I love the serenity of these lines, Sumana:
    ‘So this ‘graceful’ life
    Is now a silent space,
    Noiseless word and a quiet breeze
    Trying hard to exist and flow’.

Thank You :)

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