This Poem Is A Black Buck, A Desert And Wilderness


BLACK BUCK of the THAR desert, India, Google Image


This poem is a sigh—

of the sleeping pavement dwellers*

to be soon victims of hit and run crash-

of those being chased relentlessly-

either to be caged or to be hunted-

This poem is a black buck**.



This poem moves in long stretches of thoughts

interspersed by hot sandy and gravel emotions

rising from a hearth inside,

groaning in pain

to give birth to cacti words.

This poem is a desert.



This poem aspires to be a haven

for humans with roots and branches-

for humans with feathers and petals-

for humans with myriad colors-

for humans with a soul.

This poem is wilderness.



This poem is a sigh for the hunted poor and black buck.

This poem is an angry song of the sand dunes.

This poem is a wilderness-paradise.




*&** High profile criminals in our country are easily acquitted of charges of these crimes like killing an endangered species like the black bucks or killing pavement dwellers.


This poem is written in Boomerang Metaphors (invented by Hannah Gosselin)


Posted for my prompt ~ Wilderness for Poets United Midweek Motif