My Little Poem

My little poem

Tattooed with stars,

Sits in the corner,

Cooped up, weary

Among wreckages

Of her dream-

She looks at me-

She has a halo of lemon yellow-

Words hang all over the place-

I am tidying up every syllable,

Though I’ll throw some away

Into the darkness outside-

I am waiting

To see her dance

In the end-

Posted for The Sunday Muse for muse # 15


Shared with Poetry Pantry #415 @ Poets United


24 thoughts on “My Little Poem

  1. Really, we never know what the poem might turn out. We might start it with an aspect relevant to us at that time point, but at the end it might turns out to be completely different.

  2. I love how you gave the room and it’s contents from things to person a voice….a part of poetry and what makes it. This is such a beautiful interpretation of the image Sumana! I love it!! Thank you for joining us over at The Sunday Muse! 🙂

  3. kaykuala

    I am waiting
    To see her dance
    In the end-

    As long as it gets attention by and by, Sumana, it will turn out to be a good one. Persistence works.


  4. Oh, the wreckages of a little poem are often understated — they are rooted in so much and so much goes into tidying things up and expressing in ways that are more concentrated and kind. But we all wait for that last dance.
    Such an interesting verse; really enjoyed this personification.

  5. Ohh this is gorgeously written! ❤ Part of what makes a good poem is to let those syllables lie and look beautiful as we play around with ideas and imagery 😊

  6. There is a such a sweetness to this piece that is enchanting. I think many poets can relate to the feelings expressed. Very clever way to go with the picture.

  7. How we all must go through this with our babies (poems) as their birth is sometimes so painful. What a joy it is to find they grow up to be quite well accepted members of our world!

  8. This poem makes me happy–the idea of coaxing a poem right into being its proper self with care…it’s just all kinds of good 🙂

  9. A poem personified and tattooed with stars! I love the lines:,
    ‘She has a halo of lemon yellow-
    Words hang all over the place-
    I am tidying up every syllable’.

Thank You :)

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