National Flag

The Indian Tricolor flying today

Is a snow white dove

It’s peace and all love-

But when it drapes the still warrior

And brings him home

It’s tears and all b







Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ National Flag(s) @ Poets United


14 thoughts on “National Flag

  1. Oh, you touched the chord with that last honor accorded to the one who dies for this ideal. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder to what avail this blood has been spilled. Thoughtfully written. Happy Independence Day!

  2. OUCH! O, such a beautiful refusal to cover-up what flags try to cover. Let it be all dove! And if the blood continues to flow, let it be this visible! Wow!

  3. Am reminding of the old saying, those that live by the sword, die by it. Sadly, too much blood has been spilled over the years, over India and the people that live there. May we all learn to live together and accept our differences, in a positive way. Ok, the dreamer is writing this, Sumana.

  4. I remember back in 1947 how terrible the partition of India was. It was so disappointing for Ghandi and so many thousands died in the creation of two and untimately three nations. It must be very hard for you to think back on those times Sumana.

  5. kaykuala

    Independence is now seen as a right not a privilege. It is a pity that for some countries independence came at a cost and a carried over period of sufferings! One is blessed if it is achieved without bloodshed


  6. Succinct & perfect Sumana.
    Sadly, I think your words apply to all flags – we can make our flags represent anything we want…
    Anna :o]

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