The World Is A Beautiful Place


When a half burnt forest sighs-

A half eaten moon trying to be a smiley

Writes a half-light story in a dark sky-

When a half dead ocean cries-

A mother whale leaps up

Letting her child go to ‘full fathom five’*

I tell myself

The world must be a beautiful place

For it is still alive-

*The Tempest Act I Sc. II


Posted for my prompt ~ The World Is A Beautiful Place for Poets United Midweek Motif


16 thoughts on “The World Is A Beautiful Place

  1. O. My. Word. Nothing half about this poem and its impact. Thank you for touching us with The Tempest, with the only hope, with the allusions to our tacky cultural icons, with the truths that sneak through the cover-ups. May the world survive so all can see it’s beauty as we were meant to–infinite. (William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.”)

  2. This is impressive work, each line building off of the last and implying the next. Actually made me a little emotional with the final three lines. It’s quite an amazing place we live. I learned from this, so thank you for writing it.

  3. Snap! We feel the same way and say so in our posts. I am appalled that Australia is reducing the amount of protected seas and forests when this is just what is needed to help our environment and they are even encouraging coal mining!

  4. Words of hope at the close Sumana, and in me, really, hope springs eternal.
    I do so hope our world continues to live on, maybe it will if we humans are no longer on it…
    Anna :o]

  5. Yes, we have to tell that to each other. We have to acknowledge that the world is a naturally beautiful place and it needs to be saved from our selfish acts.
    Such a powerful verse — the ending says it all.

  6. The ending of this is spectacular. In spite of it all, it is still beautiful. No negativity here although it would have been easy to insert it. this is a totally whole poem, full of hope.

  7. kaykuala

    The world must be a beautiful place
    For it is still alive-

    Such is the focus to attract the attention of contending elements for the riches of the world. Being busy with activities spell a measure of success in them!


  8. I love the opening lines with the ‘half burnt forest sighs’ and ‘half eaten moo’, Sumana – gorgeous imagery – and the continuation of ‘half-light’ and ‘half dead’ emphasises the damage done. And yes, it’s still alive, something I focused on my poem too. I believe that Mother Earth can look after herself and she’s waiting for the right moment.

Thank You :)

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