I am a subhuman,

living in stupor-

when you live

in a land of goats

you are unable to read signs-

Night appears to be sizzling

with light

while Day lurches under cover of darkness-

this happens

when you live with goats

in a goat-land….

at night which originally is a day

you find hollowed, murdered words

lying like famished humans of the Bengal Famine-

you find hollow-men brawling

in talk shows of spicy politics-

and you can’t smell apocalypse with a blocked nose

while bridges collapse and fire consumes traders-

yet you are clueless-

you mistake the scimitar for a moon-

and write poems-on a breezy day

which actually is the blackest of nights-

this is because

you live with goats

in the goat-land.


Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Evidence/Clues @ Poets United


Sharing with dVerse Open Link Night #228


31 thoughts on “Clue

  1. If stuper is human–to be subhuman is maybe closer to nature? Not if it’s as you depict the goats! I actually spent a while looking up the mythology of goats, but found no CLUES (haha), so I’m thinking you are referring to herding rather than having human-like capacity for perception and all that follows. This resonates so much: “you find hollowed, murdered words / lying like famished humans.” What can we feed on, with no scenses and when we “mistake the scimitar for a moon”? When we don’t know day from night? Maybe becoming sub-human in this way will be a mercy as the deluge begins? Hollowness, the hollow land of hollow humans–“hollow” sounds like what it is.

    • Well, the part of world where I live is a goat-land ruled by the goats and for the goats. Goats – literal, no symbol intending. Things happening here is just beyond imagination. Morning is darker than nights, here, specially in West Bengal. Government apathy to distress is so appalling! Ugh!!!!

  2. In the Land of Goats, in the Land Before Goats… I feel I’m recalling the title of a film?! It’s so evocative… here in Cambridge I could call it the land of grazing sheep!
    There is such a wonderful rhythm to this poem. I liked the contrasts of night sizzling and day lurching…

    Thank you for your comments on mine x

  3. So good this – like others – liked the ‘you can’t smell apocalypse with a blocked nose’ line but- also liked “you mistake the scimitar for a moon-/ and write poems-on a breezy day” which is actually the blackest night. Who says poetry has nothing to say? Passionate, committed, bravo.

  4. A land of goats we have here as well…politics especially creates
    stubborn irrational decisions not made for the betterment of all, but rather for the already rich few. Such stark imagery in your poem.

  5. This is so powerful–both evocative and dream-like. I would single out the same lines others have mentioned–“”you can’t smell apocalypse with a blocked nose” and “you mistake the scimitar for a moon”–but really the whole thing–this land of goats.

  6. Wow…what an evocative poem ripe with imagery and beauty. I can only imagine what living with goats in a goat land must be like. Your words are deep, poignant and emotionally stirring. A tremendously beautiful poem.

  7. A land of goats for me is like a land of donkeys—a poor place. Poor people are always the ones who live in darkness and who are relegated to joke status by the men who talk politics on the TV. Very visual poem.

  8. My goodness, I think this is powerful. Bleating truth to power. I encourage you to keep right on “write poems-on a breezy day”
    Otherwise the goats win. Wishing you every blessing and admire your courage.

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