Owl Café


I have only read

but never said Hello to an owl café

where you can go personal with owls-

in an almost surreal chamber filled with soft music

you could

feel their soft head,

let them perch on your shoulder or arms,

drink tranquility along with coffee-



like their wild bro or sis

they can turn their heads almost all the way round-

they are far sighted-

they have super hearing power-

they have sharp, shiny talon

they have the same velvety downs

to muffle noise

to ensure a silent flight-



What they have more is-

a name like Peanut or Butterfly or whatever

given by a human,

and a thin string tied to their feet,

and sleepy eyes,

and broken dream of wilderness-

they are in the café

to heal a stressed human heart-



(I read an article about owl cafés of Tokyo where owls are used as healing agents to save weary people from mayhem outside.)


Posted for my prompt ~ Owl @ Poets United Midweek Motif