It’s scary

to watch how the mind stirs

just to let out

those raging dreams

fluttering away

on their fiery wings

to feed on massed darkness-

oh please-

let me live at the feet of the blissful ones-

the Kanchenjunga, Nilkantha,

Monals, Black-Lored tits,

rhododendrons, Deodars

Yaks and Tahrs-

they are the Buddha-

I wish to live on an abundance of emptiness

to fill in each empty cell

with grace

flowing from them-



Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Abundance @ Poets United


14 thoughts on “Abundance

  1. Exchanging massed darkness for masses of Light and Spirit from “the blissful ones” is also my prayer! Oh to empty enough to fill up with enough grace to carry me home! A powerful and beautiful poem.

  2. Ah, this prayer is beautiful in its simple desire for grace derived from nature and being, when everything is in symphony with the self.
    I loved this idea: “I wish to live on an abundance of emptiness/to fill in each empty cell/with grace
    flowing from them”. And your evocation of Kanchenjunga and rhododendrons reminded me of a brief stay in Darjeeling — we got to see the monolith from afar given that the weather was clear that one morning. Ha! Thanks for taking me there. 🙂

  3. With all the evil that seems to be prevailing in our world, to live on an abundance of emptiness would be a blessing indeed.

  4. Landmarks like mountains and river valleys, we take for granted, they’ll always be there. Never realizing, the scarcity of their abundance is fleeting, must be treasured, as this poem does. Know, I’ll never see the beauty that graces India. More the pity, for my missed opportunity.

  5. I really like the prayer-full soul full desire to stop and learn, earn the grace of what nature simply offers – and just “Is.”
    The idea of living on the “emptiness” of it all, is really at the heart of existence – especially if one understands, truly knows and seeks, the fullness, the abundance within – and often, can only be experienced by breathing and being “without” – as in, out of doors.
    I really like how you’ve played with the craziness of the mind here, and contrasted it with the search for peace and truth – and used the irony of what we call “emptiness” – yet how could the majesty of the natural world, nature’s own – be anything other than full to overflowing?
    Fascinating exploration Sumana – and certainly not an easy challenge to explain, to word, the mystical of this – but you’ve done it very well. 🙂

  6. We each of us have images of the beauty of our own world in our minds that mean so much to us. Often these are memories from childhood when we were part of that beauty too. Wonderful poem Sumana.

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