Let Them Pass Away


dying diseased words


the scaly, slippery beings-

how they are

bereft of that golden sheen-

bred in cramped quarters

of cliché ,



they can no longer take in

the stress

of being hyper active-

how hard it is

for one

to let go of their pet words-



Posted for Poetry Pantry 431@ Poets United


22 thoughts on “Let Them Pass Away

  1. Yes, yes to this–every line of it! I love this image: “bred in cramped quarters
    of cliché ,
    untruth . . . ” The words are, and we are, and we are , too. Letting go is hard, and the goal–to find our centers–is elusive.

  2. Fake news made of fake words. Indeed we need to let go of those. May the words of golden sheen return to as as the new year come to us . Peace

    Happy you dropped by my sumie Sunday today Sumana


  3. A truthful and I must say entertaining subject and I had to chuckle when I thought of my pet words…..when I am tired of them, I repurpose them with clearer thought. But now we are adrift in these words and so mired in the lies and pet phrases that I want to scream. This was clever and well done Sumana.

  4. I like the idea of letting go of those ‘dying diseased words… bred in cramped quarters of cliché, / exaggeration, / untruth’. It is indeed a hard thing to do for many people, including poets.

  5. If giving up our stupidity were as easy as giving up words. I can remember as a child being told which words not to use so was very careful not to use them at home!

  6. kaykuala

    of cliché, ,exaggeration,untruth,
    they can no longer take in the stress

    Much as what most desire they often fall into the trap. Sometimes one would not want to indulge in it but they are most tempting!


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