Most of the time my thoughts,

largely black

in their forehead, crown and throat,

save the grey nape and breast,

caw vehemently

over carrions

of day to day life-

am I not surprised

when they are no more the crows

they are-

but asian paradise flycatchers-

with milky plumage all over-

with a glossy, navy blue crown-


their throat holding a sweet note-

speckling my glowing inner sky

with their angelic flight-


Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Surprise @ Poets United


14 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. Well that is a gorgeous bird indeed. How delightful it must be to catch sight of one (or more). Does the female have such a showy tail as well or is just so the males attract the girls?

  2. My word, this is gorgeous. What an exquisite and creative metaphor.

    “they are no more the crows
    they are-
    but asian paradise flycatchers”

    “their throat holding a sweet note-
    speckling my glowing inner sky”

    Those are my favorite sections.

  3. Oh! The carrion bird of dark thoughts “over carrions
    of day to day life” is an amazing and true image.
    That’s where I’ve been lately–as if the parts of my body/mind have a life of their own. The surprise may be hidden in our spirit/soul, but when it is confirmed outwardly–when the carrion bird gives us leave to notice–that is a healing joy. I love this poem; it couldn’t have been easy to write. I’ll cherish it.

  4. This is absolutely stunning, Sumana! ❤️ Especially love; “their throat holding a sweet note-speckling my glowing inner sky” 🙂

  5. Your poem indeed is a lovely surprise. The way you have described these glorious birds is stupendous and then drawn comparisons to the human desires (inner sky) that want to take an angelic flight

  6. Wow your flights of fancy can be dark or gorgeous. What an exquisite bird though
    Happy you dropped by my blog


  7. I am familiar with black, cawing thoughts, Sumana, and I love the way you have portrayed them in this poem – especially the surprising transformation into gorgeous Asian paradise flycatchers!

Thank You :)

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