This poem is a fig tree, a bowl of sweet and enlightenment


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This poem is a large fig tree,

a witness to the struggles

of a seeker, smoldering within-

whose body, like the last autumn leaf

brown, emaciated, was about to drop off-

the tree could do nothing save being a shelter,

a prayer for this man ablaze in renunciation-

This poem is a Bodhi tree



This poem is an earthen bowl of payasam*

in the hands of a village maid

who sang a song of the ‘middle-path’

and offered the seeker the delicacy

which the ascetic accepted-

sun and moon rose and set

no manna ever came his way again-

this poem is Sujata’s bowl of sweet-



This poem is a story of enlightenment

of a prince in his thirties

who wished to conquer desire, disease and death-

he had his ‘rafter broken’,

his ‘ridge pole destroyed’-

his ‘mind came to the end of craving’-

he became Peace himself and a Buddha-

this poem is Man’s enlightenment



this poem is a sacred tree that saw a seeker transcend

this poem is a bowl of heavenly sweet that led a seeker

this poem is enlightenment a seeker leaves home for



*milk-rice pudding

The poem is written in Boomerang Metaphor (invented by Hannah Gosselin)


Posted for Poetry Pantry #435 @ Poets United


18 thoughts on “This poem is a fig tree, a bowl of sweet and enlightenment

  1. I was so happy to see Hannah’s form used so beautifully, Sumana. It is a favourite form of mine and my next prompt at Toads will re-introduce it. I love the story you tell here, the striving, the bowl of sweet, the Bodhi tree and enlightenment. SO beautiful!

  2. Poems can be so many things, depending in large part on the receptivity and imagination of the reader. I especially like the idea of a poem being a bowl that holds sweetness. I imagine that sweetness counteracting all the bitterness in the world.

  3. Lovely poem. The boomerang methapor is a form i like very much. Your poem does justice to this form. Happy you dropped by my sumie Su nday


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