There’s a winter cocooned

In my summer heart-

So it is more seeming

Than true

More red than blue-

While living in a home

Of monochrome-

Abhorring the first month of the year

My laughter and smiles

Layer the tear-


Posted for my prompt ~ Life: Paradox And / Or Balance @ Poets United Midweek Motif


13 thoughts on “Balance

  1. Susan’s comment reminds me of a doctor telling me that the depth of our grief honours the depth of the love we had for them. Some small comfort. But it hurts, just the same. I love the lines “there’s a winter cocooned in my summer heart.”

  2. Is there a cure for winter in the heart? I think you give us a hint in the closing lines: laughter and smiles—even, I suppose, if we have to fake it for a while.

  3. Love those first two lines; it’s a beautiful contradiction. Then the ease of the poem that turns sharp with the cutting last line. Brilliant!

Thank You :)

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